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Cristin co-engineers new sub-assemblies

CGR Cristin co-engineers new sub-assemblies


CGR Cristin, a wholly owned subsidiary of CGR International, is specializing in manufacturing components for the aerospace, automotive and other industries via advanced production technologies. CGR Cristin has recently extended its ability to provide complex mechanical sub-assemblies, combining springs and machined parts. Examples of such sub-assemblies include maintenance-free actuators for aircraft door latches, replacing traditional hydraulic cylinders, as well as interlocks for landing gears. They have been co-engineered in close cooperation with the client in order to fulfill critical functional requirements. Development of such solutions is facilitated by the availability of a broad spectrum of competences and tools under a single roof, including electroerosion, additive manufacturing and traditional maching.

Didier Larousse, head of CGR Cristin, explains: “The combination of advanced machining and our expertise in spring technologies enables new designs that reduce cost whilst enhancing functionality. Co-engineering these solutions creates added value for our clients. We expect our competence to be of special interest for rapidly evolving industries, including e-mobility and aerospace.”

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