From springs to mechatronics

Global footprint

Since 1963, we have continually expanded our expertise, from the manufacture of springs to the production of mechanical and mechatronic components. Cold forming of metals remains at the heart of our business. Today, we operate 23 production sites in 10 countries on 4 continents. 1,500 qualified employees work there. Each of our production units, which are largely autonomous, follows a common methodology to guarantee responsiveness, quality and availability on a global scale. As a result, we are able to produce and deliver large volumes anywhere in the world to the same quality standards.









Commitment and competence

Forming our world

"Form your world" is our motto. In a context of accelerating technological, social and environmental change, it is agile suppliers with decentralised organisations that offer the flexibility and resilience needed to shape the world of tomorrow. Our vision goes hand in hand with a working culture where responsibilities are shared and individual talents can flourish. Unleashing potential to achieve our mission and serve our customers is at the heart of CGR's management philosophy.


Strong and flexible

Production technologies

Our video shows you all the industrial know-how of CGR International. Let yourself be carried away by the incessant ballet of the robots and the rhythmic pace of the production process. You will discover our teams at work and the four technologies at the heart of our business.


Trust and autonomy

One team, one vision

Our management team, based at our head office in Sevran, north of Paris, is inspired by the vision and values that have driven CGR since its development by Joseph Varoqui, Chairman of the Group. We have confidence in our specialised and qualified staff, who guarantee a competitive edge, future success and sustainable growth in a changing world.


From co-engineering to mass production

Metal transformation

Our engineers, experts in mechanical design, material science and production processes, work to design and co-engineer components. Then, critically, they analyze how products behave in the destined environment. Our expansive expertise in metal transformation and process engineering serves as a valuable resource to drive cost down and quality up. And all with total control over the supply chain, from the validation of raw materials, co-design, development and qualification of prototypes, through to the production and delivery on time to our customers.

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