CGR at a glance

From springs to mechatronics

Founded in 1963, CGR has always sought to be close to our clients wherever they are, supported by our workforce of 1,500 people and 22 production sites on 4 continents. We specialize in co-engineering and serial production of mechanical-end mechatronic components by cold transformation and overmolding of metal. Our autonomous production units share the same methodology, offering high reactivity, consistent quality and secure supply around the world. A global footprint that means we can deliver high volumes with optimized logistics.









Our vision

Dedicated, skilled, united

Changes in technology, society and the environment are transforming industries at a rapid pace and global scale. Agile suppliers with decentralized organization offer the required flexibility and strength to create solutions of the future. We are convinced a healthy and empowering work environment, where responsibility is shared and individual talent can thrive, will offer the best base to accomplish our mission and serve our clients. Unleashing talent by empowering our people is the heart of CGR’s management philosophy.


Discover CGR International in video

From cold forming to mechatronics

Our video shows you all the industrial know-how of CGR International. Let yourself be carried away by the incessant ballet of the robots and the rhythmic pace of the production process. You will discover our teams at work and the four technologies at the heart of our business.


Our management

Empowering people

At our headquarters in Sevran, north of Paris, CGR’s executive team is united and inspired by the vision and values that have driven CGR from the beginning, and the achievements of CGR’s founder and senior advisor, Joseph Varoqui. We believe in our dedicated and skilled people and their capacity to create competitive edge, future success and sustained growth in a changing world.


Our mission

From co-engineering to serial production

Our engineers, experts in mechanical design, material science and production processes, work to design and co-engineer components. Then, critically, they analyze how products behave in the destined environment. Our expansive expertise in metal transformation and process engineering serves as a valuable resource to drive cost down and quality up. And all with total control over the supply chain, from the validation of raw materials, co-design, development and qualification of prototypes, through to the production and delivery on time to our customers.

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