Think global, act local

Global reach

Today’s increasingly interconnected industries strive to combine local presence with global reach to serve consumers around the world. As a supplier, CGR follows the trend by adopting a decentralized industrial organization with 22 autonomous production sites located close to main client factories in 9 countries. Our agile setup is designed for high reactivity, close cooperation, short delays and reduced cost. We take the term ‘glocal’ to heart by offering local, personalized services across our unified, global teams. Whether in Asia, Europe, North or South America, we are where you are.


Autonomous action

Shared methodology

CGR’s international organization associates two key management aspects: on a local level, units are granted large autonomy to run daily operations; while on a global scale, standards and procedures are closely interwoven. The same robust, consistent and digitalized quality control system has been deployed across all our entities to make sure we work according to the same stringent standards. As such, we can provide the same level of quality and process control wherever we operate. At the same time, our local teams are encouraged and empowered to take action as required to best serve our clients.

Best practice

Ready for the challenge

We serve challenging clients: the aerospace industry requires compliance with the most rigorous standards and stringent quality controls, while the car industry needs high volumes, zero defect and continuous delivery just in time. Our organization has learned from this dual constraint. Our best people around the world work relentlessly to optimize the use of our skills and diversified technological backgrounds. This ensures we are capable of building processes that combine the best of both industries, for our clients’ benefit.

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