Cold forming

Sheet metal, tubes, wires and cables

Cold forming of metal represents one of the main activities of CGR. From 16 production sites on 4 continents form, we cut, punch, laminate, weld and assemble a broad spectrum of parts according to client specifications. We employ latest technology to transform tubes, wires, cables and sheet metal made of steel, stainless steel, and a large variety of non-ferric alloys. Depending on specific process needs, we apply thermal treatments, shot-peening, grinding, cleaning and other surface treatments.


Process automation

Complex parts and sub-assemblies

Clients rely on our capacity to automate production lines and create special production processes. Our extensive industrial expertise covers production and assembly of wire springs, flat springs, welded seating supports, exhaust system hooks, seat belt cables, busbars, pressure tubes, wiper arms and many other parts. Working closely with our clients we engineer and industrialize complex parts and sub-assemblies for easy integration into client modules.

Flat springs

Flat springs (rewinder springs, constant force springs and spiral springs), including plastic housings and sub-assemblies.

Wire springs

Compression springs, torsion springs, tension springs and wire formed made of rod wire, square wire, or laminated wire from various materials, including assemblies with components.

Cable crimping

Assembly of cables by crimping and fixing to cold-formed or stamped parts, including control for zero defect.

Tube forming

Complex parts made by press bending, rotary draw bending or roll bending of tubes, employing latest CNC technology including assembly by welding

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