Metal stamping

From tooling to inline control

Stamping (also known as pressing) is the process of placing flat sheet metal in either blank or coil form into a stamping press where a tool and die surface forms the metal into a net shape. Stamping includes a variety of sheet-metal forming processes, such as punching, blanking, embossing, bending, flanging and more. Metal stamping can be applied to many materials, such as steel, copper and alloys. Progressive stamping combines several transformation steps in a single process.


Overmolding and assembly

Clamps, fixtures and connectors

Stamping is one of CGR’s global core competences. We produce functional components by bending, punching and cutting metal strips, with inline control ensuring consistent quality. The resulting parts serve as clamps, fixtures and connectors. Our stamped connectors are the basis for overmolded and assembled parts that can be directly integrated in our clients’ products. CGR is a main supplier of patented press-fit EloPin® connectors for printed circuit boards (PCBs).

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