Polymer overmolding

Connectors and housings

Overmolding is a process where a single part is created using two or more different materials in combination. More specifically, metal overmolding refers to a metal formed substrate being partially or fully covered by plastics (overmold materials) during the manufacturing process. Metal overmolding of stamped metal parts is widely used to produce all kinds of electrical connectors. It is also employed for producing housings for actuators and sensors.


Process automation

Complete sub-assemblies

Metal overmolding is an ideal complement to stamping. Our manufacturing sites operate state-of-the-art horizontal and vertical injection presses with different tonnages up to 600t. Complementing CGR’s expertise in process automation, we can run complex yet flexible production lines. Optical quality control and inline testing capabilities enable zero defect rates. Further integration includes, for example, membrane welding and assembly of electronics,with reel-to-reel overmolding one of our specialties.

ELO-Pin PressFit connectors

Mechatronics solutions

PressFit is an innovative solderless technology for connecting electrical circuits. It is used in the automotive industry and beyond for connecting macro- and micro-electronic components such as PCB boards. PressFit connectors increase the reliability of connections (including vibration resistance), reduce costs and enhance productivity. CGR co-engineers mechatronics solutions based on the patented ELO-Pin technology, from feasibility studies and prototyping through to serial production of connectors, including stamping, overmolding and automated assembly.

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