Springs and sub-assemblies for medical devices

Co-engineering and innovation

CGR designs all types of springs, components and metal-plastic subassemblies for medical devices. If your project is demanding, CGR can be your partner! We will develop, in a co-engineering approach, the solution that perfectly meets the requirements of your application.

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Small, medium or large series

Total quality

CGR designs and manufactures wire springs, flat springs, stamped metal parts and metal-plastic subassemblies for medical devices, in small, medium or large series.
Our organisation is focused on total quality production, thanks to 60 years of expertise in the design and manufacturing of precision parts for critical applications in the aerospace, automotive, or electrical engineering markets.
Continuous improvement philosophy and automated in-line control systems according to highest industry standards ensure zero defect output. Our cleaning, packaging and traceability solutions meet the specific requirements of the medical devices industry.


Case Studies


Inhaler locking spring

Self-administration nicotine spray

Design of a locking spring for a nicotine spray with a section of 0,18 mm² and a mass of 0,025g. Fast prototyping of production samples enabled rapid testing of the spring design. Upon validation, CGR’s engineering department set up the complete industrial process, including spring production, assembly, automated vision control as well as force and endurance testing. Production volume attained 22 million pieces per year.

Needle-free auto-injector spring

Diabetes treatment

Co-engineering of a needle-free auto-injector insulin device. The mechanism is driven by a spring and represents a key safety feature to avoid accidental transmission of infectious agents, especially HIV. The spring, made of 0,55mm wire, measures 10/12mm at rest and 70mm when developed. A dedicated production workshop was set up at CGR, meeting strict cleanliness criteria. Production volume attained 10 million pieces in the ramp-up phase. CGR then assisted the client in migrating production to its own facilities.

Cardiologic catheter sheath

Minimal-invasive cardiac surgery

Co-engineering of a spring wire sheath for cardiac surgery. It involved winding a 0,3mm wire around a 2mm inner void. The entire sheath is 1300mm long. The main difficulty relied in the need to achieve a constant tension along the complete sheath to ensure smooth passage through the arteries. Production therefore required a special machine design, developed by CGR. The produced springs were later sterilised at the client’s premises.


CGR's Strain Lab: your solutions provider

Advanced research & development

Advanced spring designs often require research and development, involving material sciences as well as process engineering. CGR runs its own R&D laboratory to support the co-engineering activities for clients around the globe. The facility, labelled STRAIN (Spring Technology ReseArch Institute) has been set up in close cooperation with the Clement Ader Institute (CAI) and the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in Toulouse. CGR’s STRAIN lab thus provides leading-edge R&D capacity which is unique in its genre.

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