Springs and sub-assemblies for medical devices

Co-engineering and innovation capacity

CGR designs all types of springs and metal-plastic subassemblies for medical devices. Is your project demanding? With CGR nothing is impossible! We will develop, in a co-engineering approach, the solution that perfectly meets the requirements of your application.
Thanks to the STRAIN joint laboratory, the result of our collaboration with the Clément Ader Institute and the INSA of Toulouse, we offer you an unparalleled capacity for research and innovation to develop advanced solutions.


Speed, reactivity and proximity

100% service rate

Our presence in 8 countries and on 4 continents guarantees proximity and security of supply to our customers in the medical sector. Working with one of our twelve French production units or our eight factories abroad is a guarantee of responsiveness.
We are able to manufacture all types of springs, stamped metal parts or metal-plastic sub-assemblies, in small, medium or large series. CGR also ensures a global supply chain from our suppliers to your factories and integrates an advanced inventory management, allowing us to ensure a 100% service rate.

Quality of service

Zero defect oriented organization

With 60 years of expertise in the design and production of precision springs, CGR offers a service of excellence to medical device manufacturers. Through our continuous improvement process and our Kaizen attitude, we do everything in our power to guarantee optimal quality products. CGR's organization is focused on zero defects. To reach this goal, our production lines are equipped with automated control means, corresponding to the best standards of the market.
Our cleaning lines and packaging solutions meet the specific requirements of cleanliness and traceability in the medical field.

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