Cold forming of metals

From prototyping to industrialization

Our engineers specializing in materials science, mechanical design and process engineering support you in the development of all parts, from simple components to complex assemblies. They rely on our additive manufacturing and 3D printing prototyping processes to ensure rapid validation of designs and accelerated industrialization.
This co-engineering process allows us to anticipate the transformation technologies best suited to your part type and production volumes. Our portfolio of varied and complementary processes guarantees you an optimized mass production. Our components are intended for the automotive, aeronautics, electrical engineering and medical industries.


Complementary processes

Cold forming, machining, cutting, assembly and injection

We are specialists in cold forming and polymer overmolding of metal parts and electrical contacts based on copper alloys. Cold forming is a metal deformation process that enables obtaining parts in tube and wire, rolled parts, as well as all types of springs. Stamping is another of CGR's key skills, employed in all of our 20 plants in 8 countries. This press-cutting process, in combination with plastic overmolding, allows us to obtain parts such as connectors without welding. We also manufacture our own stamping tools.
The individual components we design and produce are then sent to our automated assembly lines to form complete subassemblies.

Cold forming

Forming, coiling, cutting, punching, laminating, welding and assembly of a broad spectrum of parts made of tubes, wires, cables and sheet metal.

Metal stamping

Production of functional parts including pressfit connectors by bending, punching and cutting metal and non-ferrous strips, including overmolding and assembly.

Metal spinning

Production of axially symmetrical parts without welding by centrifugal forming of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and alloys.


Production of connectors and housings by overmolding of die-cut contact parts using vertical and horizontal injection molding machines.

Automated assembly

Complete automation of production and assembly lines for complex parts (plastic, contacts, springs, etc.) using our own robotic technology.

3D printing

Additive manufacturing of parts for aeronautical and industrial applications, with a wide choice of plastic materials.


Machining of tools, prototypes and small series by wire electro-erosion (EDM), by sink erosion and by fast hole drilling EDM.


Making of precision stamping progressive die tools by our in-house teams, experts in materials science and process engineering.

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