Automated assembly

Enhancing productivity, efficiency and quality

Automated industrial processes enhance manufacturing productivity, efficiency and quality. CGR’s dedicated in-house engineering team designs and installs our proprietary technology to automate production and assembly lines. For each process, our teams co-engineer the optimum solution in close cooperation with the client, from requirement specs through to construction and process optimization. Our automated processes are used for assembly, control and packaging.


Robotics, machine vision and AI

Proprietary technology

Our automated production lines for high-volume production of parts and sub-assemblies employ latest robotics, machine vision and artificial intelligence. Physical, electrical and functional parameters of production pieces can be automatically controlled on a 100% base, using up to 10 inline control instances. The entire process results in a zero defect rate. Already, more than 50 automated lines have been conceived and installed by our teams, specifically serving the automotive industry.

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