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Considering selling your business? Looking for new horizons? Whether you're aiming to extend your reach, secure your life-time achievement and legacy, or simply exploring new horizons, the time might be ripe to discover a world of opportunities.

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Sustained success

At CGR International, we actively seek out small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to become part of our vibrant constellation of autonomous entities. By leveraging our extensive client base, we empower local businesses to strengthen their market position. We bring in new resources in IT, finance, HR and marketing. We help the management team define their business plan. And once the roadmap for growth is agreed, we provide the capacity to invest in people, equipment and new facilities.


Springs and beyond

About CGR

CGR was founded in 1962 as a workshop for precision springs. Since its beginnings, the company has developed into a renowned manufacturer of springs (compression, torsion, micro springs, etc.), mainly for the automotive and aeronautical industries.
Today, CGR's scope is no longer limited to springs. With a network of more than 20 plants in Europe, Americas and Asia, we design and manufacture metal components and subassemblies for a wide range of industries. Production processes include cold-forming of wires, tubes, cables and sheet metal. Plastic overmoulding and automated assembly is a rapidly growing part of our business.


Why join CGR?

Advantages and benefits


Collaborative Growth:

Benefit from shared resources, collective insights, and enhanced market access through our international network.

Autonomy and accountability:

We value entrepreneurial spirit and give our sites a high degree of autonomy, while providing maximum support, expertise and knowledge transfer.

Shared knowledge:

Our teams are driven by exceptional expertise in engineering, manufacturing and sales. We share our knowledge to create synergies and unlock potential.

Latest technology:

As a keen investor in advanced technology, we prioritise quality machinery to optimise results and customer satisfaction.

Legacy and continuity:

Your business is a testament to your work and vision. Let's make sure it continues to shine and inspire. Good to know: most of our local managers are also shareholders.

Employee prosperity:

We value skills and commitment. Attract new talent and secure a bright future for your team as part of CGR International.

Trust and commitment:

We firmly believe that a positive working culture based on trust and commitment, is the cornerstone of successful, long-term relationships.

Seamless Transition:

Our dedicated teams ensure a smooth onboarding process, preserving the essence of what you've built while providing new energy and direction.


Your Next Step

Get in touch

Interested in charting a brighter future for your business? We look forward to hearing from you. Please send a message by email to Alexis Martel, CEO, at the following address and we will come back to you promptly:

You can also call our headquarters near Paris, France: +33 1 49 36 58 35.


A holistic vision

A word from our Chairman

CGR is a family business with a long-term vision. We strive for sustainable growth and performance. Quarterly results are not our primary focus. By combining new skills and processes with our current strengths, we create value for our customers, our Group, our employees and the businesses we acquire.

Joseph Varoqui, Chairman


Respecting your legacy

A word from our CEO

When we acquire a business, we make a promise. A promise to respect, nurture and enhance your legacy. Each of our businesses is a shining star, and together we thrive in the global marketplace. If the prospect of joining a leading global network excites you, we're eager to discuss how we can weave your story into ours.

Alexis Martel, CEO


CGR JB Springs, UK

Joined CGR in 2023

JB Springs (John Binns & Son Springs Limited) became part of the CGR constellation in January 2023, with the management team remaining in place. The company specialises in design and manufacturing of springs and wire-formed components. With over 125 years of experience, JB Springs uses the latest technologies to provide innovative solutions to the most complex problems in all industrial sectors, including medical, nuclear, retail and automotive.

For JB Springs, CGR is a remarkable growth opportunity, opening up new technologies and new fields of activity. This will enable us to broaden our technical expertise, particularly with the support of the CGR R&D laboratory

Alex Driver, Director

CGR Brazil, Brazil

Joined CGR in 2015

In 2015, CGR acquired Elismol, one of the leading spring manufacturers in South America. As the management team retired, CGR entrusted the descendants of this family-business with running the company. In the ten years since its acquisition, the turnover of the former Elismol - now CGR Brazil - has tripled.

CGR's global expertise, unwavering commitment to excellence, and innovative vision have revitalised our organization and given us a renewed sense of purpose and direction. With CGR’s support, we've broadened our horizons, embraced cutting-edge technologies, and raised our standards to unprecedented heights. CGR International's impact on Elismol has been nothing short of transformative, turning us into a thriving force within our industry. Today, thanks to this powerful partnership, we are looking forward to a future of sustained growth and success.

Julio Peres Roselli, Director

CGR PMPC, France

Joined CGR in 2015

PMPC offers unique industrial expertise in France, particularly in metal stamping and overmoulding, often referred to as "mechatronics". Since the acquisition in 2015, the former SIDEO company’s turnover - now CGR PMPC - has tripled, benefiting from CGR's global presence and its team of 15 sales representatives. CGR provided PMPC with access to the group's efficient management tools, as well as expert support in quality, logistics, lean manufacturing and IT. The group's investment amounts to several million euros per year.

The acquisition by CGR has been a game changer for PMPC. The group has brought significant value to PMPC as customers look for suppliers with global footprint and reach. In addition, CGR's consistent financial investment has enabled us to modernise our equipment and infrastructure, positioning PMPC for long-term success.

Michel Muller, Director

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