Tube and wire forming

Car seating, exhaust hangers and more

Tube and wire forming consists of press bending, rotary draw bending or roll bending a tube to match the desired 3D geometry according to design specifications. The tube extremities can be further shaped by chamfering, stamping, punching or embossing. Formed tubes can be then welded to other stamped parts. Tube forming is widely used in the car industry for seatings (handlebars, manual and electrical seat positioners), exhaust hangers and innovative applications for new mobilities such as energy harvesters and cooling systems.


Complex bending and stamping tools

Forming and assembly

We support clients during the design phase and develop our own complex bending and stamping tools according to process specifications. Multi-slider tools reduce cycle time and increase productivity. Latest CNC machines ensure high repeatability of the bending process. Testing and control includes verification of 3D geometry by numerical methods, macrography of welding seam cuts, destructive testing as well as rigidity and torque testing under real-life conditions.

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