Corporate and social responsibility

Shaping our future

CGR International is a Partner committed in the aerospace and automotive new mobilities, and energy management on the electro-technic market. We are a key actor of the new mobilities, and we promote a responsible and sustainable ecosystem. With its 1,500 collaborators, CGR Group participates to build a better world. We create a healthy and motivating work environment for our employees thanks to an open-minded corporate culture. We firmly moving toward to the energy transition to protect the environment. The CSR policy of CGR Group is structured on 3 main pillars: Governance and ethic, Human Resources, Environmental performance.


Measure to act

EcoVadis score

CGR International CSR commitment, supported by all men and women of the Group, is totally coherent with the vision and values collectively determined, experts in our professions, we want to be part of the innovation and contribute to build a better world, while promoting professional and personnel development of our employees. Since 2019, CGR International CSR process is audited by an independent company (Ecovadis), including Environment, Social, Ethics, and Responsible Purchasing pillars. We target a Gold notation (more than 66) by the end of 2025. Find out more about EcoVadis and its evalutation methodology at

Work in progress

Our commitments

Actor committed in environmental and energy transition, CGR supports its customers and providers to reduce the environmental impact of their business and has implemented a responsible approach for its own activities: we expect to reduce by 50% our carbon impact before 2025 (in comparison with 2020), we will assess our carbon impact on each CGR plant in 2021 and we will implement an ambitious action plan to make it decrease; ISO 14001 process of certification will be over for all CGR plants by the end of 2023, we will encourage all our providers to commit in such environmental approach.

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