Form your world

Empowering people, driving change

‘Form your world’ is the baseline that accompanies CGR’s new visual identity. Much more than a slogan, it carries multiple meanings and interpretations of what we do and how we behave. Form your world resonates with our core activity, forming and transforming metal, but can also be understood as a call to action. It’s our corporate attitude and mindset: assume responsibility, take action, drive change, make this world a better place.


Striving for excellence

A healthy place to work

‘Form your world’ is inspired by our corporate culture, based on individual accountability and empowerment. We are convinced that intrinsic motivation is the key to reaching operational excellence, as an individual, a team and a company. We strive to offer an open and honest work environment that inspires trust and commitment. It is our firm belief that such environments provide the best grounds for individual talent to thrive, whether in our factories, our engineering offices, commercial teams or administrative functions.

Creating tomorrow’s mobility

A world in motion

‘Form your world’ goes hand in hand with our geographic reach. We have become a global player, ready to serve various industries in key industrial regions around the world. We are ready to take part in the global shake-up the automotive industry is currently experiencing, providing intelligent solutions for tomorrow’s mobility. We are ready to accompany the aerospace industry with its globalization. And we are ready to serve new clients with new needs. We are ready to form your world.

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