Kaizen attitude

Agile performance

We strive to continuously improve productivity, quality and environmental impact wherever possible. Ongoing improvement drives our ambition and our Kaizen attitude. 5S and Quick Response Quality Control are the primary industrial methods we use in our production sites to ensure every component matches specification. We deploy lean manufacturing methods including Total Productive Maintenance, Single Minute Exchange of Die, Plan Do Check Act, and 8Do. We are certified ISO 9001, IATF 16949, EN/AS 9100 and ISO 14001.


Driving excellence

A healthy work culture

A standard, a procedure, a method is only worth something if understood, applied and supported by all stakeholders in any given process. CGR believes that intrinsic motivation provides the most powerful lever for driving excellence. And intrinsic motivation, in turn, will blossom when there is a shared vision, individual accountability and personal autonomy. With this in mind, we want to ensure our people are united by a culture of fairness, respect, honesty, solidarity and responsibility, for we are convinced this is how to best serve our clients.

Shared methodology

Transversal services

To provide the same level of expertise, quality and productivity across our production sites worldwide, we have established transversal services shared by all our units. These services provide support when needed, while ensuring each unit remains autonomous. Common quality checks, process setups, a shared material knowledge base and many more items are consistently communicated throughout our global organization, and improved continuously. For more than twenty years an internal school trains onboarding engineers in our specific methods and tools.

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