Cable crimping

Cables and ropes

Cable crimping is the joining of cables or ropes by cold forming of a ductile material (bracket for instance). Crimping is often used to attach metal cables or ropes, such as the seat belt buckles in a car, to a cold formed or stamped fixation. Finished products can be coated by cataphoresis, zinc plating or epoxy powder. They can also be fitted with heat-shrinkable protective sleeves.


Seat belt fixations

Zero defect production

Cable crimping is carried out in several CGR plants around the world. We have developed our own automated crimping systems, which include 100% mechanical adjustment of crimping precision as well as optical control of crimping quality and cable geometry. CGR manufactures safety buckle mountings for all major brands of cars, trucks and utility vehicles. Numerous in-line checks ensure zero-defect production. We also carry out static destructive testing, including cycling, torsion and hardness tests.

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