Cable crimping

Cables, ropes and wires

Crimping joins cables or ropes by deformation of a ductile material. Crimping is often used to fix ropes or cables to a cold-formed or stamped part. Typical examples include safety belt tightening systems in cars, among many other applications. Materials used include a combination of low-carbon steel and/or aluminum with high-carbon steel. Products can be later coated using cataphoretic, zinc, and epoxy powder coatings, or receive shrink sleeves.


Seat belts and attachments

Zero defect

CGR is a global supplier of cable buckle attachments for front and rear seats in passenger cars, buses, tractors, trucks and more. Our products can be found in main automotive platforms, including latest electrical cars from Tesla and Byton. We develop our own automated production systems, including 100% mechanical control for crimping accuracy and optical control for wire deformation. We perform static destructive testing, cycling test, twisting test, cross-section test and hardness measurements.

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