Wire springs

Compression, torsion, tension and microsprings

CGR produces wire springs in large volumes, including compression, torsion and tension springs, along with microsprings for precision mechanics. Wire springs can be made from rod wire, square wire or laminated wire. CGR specializes in springs made from wire of 0 to 7mm in wire diameter, available in materials comprising steel, stainless steel and various alloys. Springs can be treated by shot-peening, grinding, tempering, electrolytic coating, painting, and other options.

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Worldwide presence

Feasibility studies and prototyping

CGR’s largely autonomous local production units offer highly reactive services to worldwide clients, including specification, design, prototyping, industrialization, automation, control and delivery. Advanced calculations and feasibility studies by finite elements can be performed through our aerospace division. Wire springs can be automatically assembled with plastic parts from our own production lines to create complete sub-assemblies. 3D-printed prototypes are available for design validation.

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