Manufacture of flat springs

Screw bushings, clips and discs

Flat springs are manufactured from strips of rolled steel, textured steel, stainless steel and copper alloys. Flat springs include curved flat springs, spring clips, helical coiled springs, disc and diaphragm springs, clamping springs, leaf springs and electrical connectors. After forming, the flat spring can be heat-treated, chemically or mechanically (washing, greasing, tribofinishing, etc.).

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Assembly of flat springs with plastic components

Fittings, reels and sub-assemblies

Flat spring overmolding is a popular technique for creating all types of connectors, cassettes, winders and other hybrid components. Automated assembly of these elements enables the production of complete sub-assemblies, ready to be integrated into our customers' devices. Depending on the specifications, our engineers determine the specifications, calculate the performance, select the appropriate materials, produce prototypes, optimise the cost price, develop the tooling and set up efficient manufacturing processes.

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