Flat springs

Rewinder, constant force springs and spiral springs

Flat springs, including rewinder springs, constant force springs and spiral springs are needed in many industries: automotive, aerospace, electronics, electromechanics, micromechanics, medical devices, and more. These are used for fixation, protection, reinforcement and as electrical connections. Flat springs are made from laminated metal sheet strips. Processed materials include steel, stainless steel and copper alloys. Textured steel is used for applications requiring high fatigue-resistance.

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Design to cost and performance

Casings and sub-assemblies

CGR’s integrated design departments evaluate client requirements, develop specifications, calculate performance, select the most appropriate materials, provide prototypes, optimize cost, develop tools and set up efficient manufacturing processes. Moreover, our capacity in polymer transformation enables us to create plastic spring housings and complete sub-assemblies ready for integration into client appliances, with 3D-printed prototypes available for design validation.

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