Metal cutting and stamping

Steel, copper and alloys

Cutting and stamping involves cutting and forming sheet metal using a press and a tool developed specifically for this purpose. Cutting and stamping involve the use of various sheet metal forming accessories: perforating tools, blank cutting tools, stamping tools, bending tools, flanging tools, etc. Metal cutting and stamping can be applied to a wide range of materials, including steel, copper and alloys. Progressive die cutting and stamping combines several transformation stages into a single process.


Overmolding, assembly and inspection

Clamps, fasteners, fittings and pressfits

Cutting and stamping are core competencies of CGR worldwide. We manufacture functional components by cutting, bending, perforating and stamping metal strips, with in-line inspection to ensure zero defects. The parts we manufacture are used as clamps, fasteners and fittings. Our deep-drawn, overmolded and assembled fittings can be integrated into our customers' products. CGR is a leading supplier of patented EloPin® (Pressfit) solderless connectors for PCBs.

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