Overmolding and automated assembly

Connectors and housings

Overmolding is a process in which a formed metal substrate is partially or completely covered (overmolded) with plastic during the manufacturing process to create a hybrid component. Plastic overmolding of metal parts is used extensively to produce various types of electrical fittings and housings for actuators and sensors. CGR also assembles connector pins by stitching into a plastic support, as well as the protection of electronic or contact elements by potting with a solid or gelatinous compound.


EloPin® PressFit connectors

Mechatronic sub-assemblies

EloPin® PressFit is a patented solderless technology for connecting electrical circuits. It is used in the automotive industry and beyond to connect macro- and micro-electronic components, such as PCBs. PressFit connectors increase connection reliability (including vibration resistance), reduce costs and improve productivity. CGR specialises in the co-engineering of mechatronic components and sub-assemblies, from feasibility studies and prototyping to cutting, stamping, overmolding, automated assembly and mass production.

Zero defects production

Robotisation and on-line control

Our team of engineers develops solutions for the complete automation of manufacturing processes: cold forming, over-moulding, assembly, optical control and packaging. Our manufacturing processes use the very latest technologies in robotics, machine vision and artificial intelligence. Every stage of the process, from defining specifications to building the production line, is carefully planned to meet the specific needs of your project. The result: zero defects and unrivalled customer satisfaction.

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