CGR Mexico celebrates 20 years of service!
CGR墨西哥 – 服务于NAFTA汽车行业
12 7 月 2023
31 10 月 2023
CGR in China : celebrating 10 years already!

CGR 嘉兴 - 服务中国市场及其他地区


In just 10 years, CGR Jiaxing has established a solid bridgehead on the Asian market, offering the full range of CGR’s core competencies. Today, the wholly owned subsidiary specialises in springs, wire forming, cold forming, mechatronics and aerospace components. It serves a range of Chinese and international customers with quality products manufactured at its plant in Zhejiang Province, Eastern China. With a turnover of €10m, the factory employs 95 people and has achieved 30% growth over the last 3 years. CGR Jiaxing is IATF (automotive), EN 9100 (aerospace) and ISO 14001 (environmental) certified.

"We are proud to work for the most important Tier 1 automotive suppliers in China. We owe our dynamic growth and market success to the intensive collaboration with CGR's international centres of excellence and the continuous investment in our people," says Arnaud Bodier, CEO of CGR Jiaxing.

"CGR Jiaxing is a perfect example of CGR's ability to serve customers around the world with a consistent set of products, skills and process capabilities. We intend to build on this strength and will soon open a second plant in China and start greenfield construction in Thailand," adds Alexis Martel, CEO of the CGR Group.

Happy anniversary, CGR Jiaxing!

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