CGR rewarded twice by Toyota
CGR rewarded twice by Toyota
14 1 月 2021
CGR Mexico
CGR expands in central America
1 3 月 2021

Gender equality in the workplace


Gender equality in the workplace is a priority for societies throughout the world. It has been prioritized by the French government via the “Professional Future” law of 5th September 2018. The law has created the Gender Equality Index to promote equal pay and equal career opportunities. Companies with more than 50 employees need to publish their score with regard to this index annually in March for the preceding calendar year.

Gender equality is directly related to the core values of CGR. We are relatively satisfied by the progression observed at CGR’s headquarters, with a score of 87/100 (up from 68/100 last year). Our main production sites in France scored as follows: 78/100 for CGR Saint-Yorre and 75/100 for CGR PMPC. CGR Bedeville could not be evaluated for organizational reasons.

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