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勒布尔热航展SIAE 2023,CGR的一大成功
27 6 月 2023
CGR in China : celebrating 10 years already!
CGR 嘉兴 – 服务中国市场及其他地区
18 9 月 2023
CGR Mexico celebrates 20 years of service!

CGR墨西哥 - 服务于NAFTA汽车行业


CGR Mexico is happy to celebrate 20 years of service! Strategically located in Querétaro state, at the center of Mexico, CGR provides springs, cold formed components and mechatronic subassemblies for the NAFTA automotive markets since 2003. CGR currently operates two factories in Corregidora, with a third one to open soon at the same location.

Plant 1 employs 130 people and offers 5,000 m² of available floor space. The site is specializing in the development and manufacturing of mechatronic and cold formed components (hangers, wiper arm rods, wire forming, inserts for steering wheels, strikers, cables).

Plant 2 with a floor space of 1,200 m² opened in 2021 and today employs 70 people. The site is specializing in the development and manufacturing of wire springs (traction, torsion, compression, wire forms) and flat springs.

“We are expanding our presence in Mexico to best serve to the North American automotive market and the entire NAFTA region. Our continuous growth underpins the strong partnership that we have built with the industry in our region”, says Dante Negrete García, Sales Manager at CGR Mexico.

Happy Birthday, CGR Mexico!

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