14 6 月 2022
21 9 月 2022
CGR Tricot公司扩大了其生产能力

Precision, reactivity and volume


CGR’s Tricot site specializes in the production of flat springs and acts as CGR’s excellence center regarding the conception and industrialization of all kinds of flat spring designs. The factory, located north of Paris (France), faces growing market demand and responds by huge investments in new machinery. Just received and installed: a fully automated and connected Sangiacomo 125T press and a numerically controlled multi-slider Pressmac CMP 400. The new equipment facilitates serial production of complexed parts and components, a key trend in customer needs.

The machine operators, having their word to say about any new equipment purchases at CGR, are enthusiastic: « An autonomous and connected machine that will save us time to deliver parts to our clients!” states Romuald upon receiving the Siangiacomo. “The full numerical control combined with 100% in-line control by Keyence camera and laser profiler provides unprecedented precision and flexibility”, adds his colleague Kevin regarding the new Pressmac.

Both machines are already assigned to upcoming projects for the automotive industry, such as the production of parts for airbag filters.

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