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14 5 月 2024
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Exploring the tiny world of spring wires


The science of springs is like a set of Russian dolls: simple on the outside, but with increasingly complex layers of material science issues underneath. This is why CGR has established its own research laboratory called STRAIN (Spring Technology ReseArch INstitute) in 2018. The lab operates in close collaboration with the Clement Ader Institute (CAI) and the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in Toulouse, France. It thus provides access to the highest level of academic resources.

Researchers from CGR's STRAIN lab have published a new paper in the scientific journal "Wire Forming Technology International". The paper is entitled "Understanding Flexural and Tensile Moduli of Small Drawn Wires". While the topic may sound a little bit out there, the paper provides deep insights into the properties of drawn and bent wires. These, in turn, are at the heart of every spring we encounter in our daily lives! The research helps us understand better the metal transformations we see during the spring manufacturing process. This is something that all spring makers have to deal with.

Thanks to Hervé Orcière, Julien Vaisette, Manuel Paredes and Catherine Mabru for taking science a step further!

You can download the paper via this link

Please contact Hervé Orcière for more information on ongoing research at STRAIN.

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