CGR参加了在柏林举行的CWIEME 2022贸易展览会。
25 4 月 2022
CGR Tricot公司扩大了其生产能力
CGR Tricot公司扩大了其生产能力
19 7 月 2022

Powering up at the Battery show


Come and see our innovation and co-engineering capacity at this year’s Battery Show Europe. We will be sharing our expertise in designing springs, connectors and metal-plastic subassemblies for the world’s leading electrical and hybrid vehicles brands.

The Battery Show, the European EV industry’s main event, takes place in Stuttgart, from June 28th to June 30th.  We are looking forward to seeing you there! Please stop by our booth # 10-E 65 and we will be happy to provide you with the latest insights into our production capacities and process design competences.

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