Additive manufacturing

From prototyping to small series

Additive manufacturing and 3D-printing reshuffle the cards for product design and innovation. The technology enables fast production of prototypes, manufacturing tools and functional mock-ups. Moreover, small production series can be set up flexibly and in record time. Filament deposition manufacturing (FDM) by means of thermoplastic materials is a proven and reliable technique, the method of choice applied by CGR in its specialized production unit.


Filament deposition

A wide range of polymers

CGR offers the widest range of plastic materials adapted to generic or specific aerospace applications, including ABS, ASA, PC, NYLON, ULTEM, PEEK, PEKK and more. Our engineering team is ready to accompany the entire process from product design through to industrialization and testing. Depending on your requirement specs we will advise on the best solutions in terms of manufacturing process, product design and raw materials to use.

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