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19 July 2022
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21 October 2022

A new formula for calculating springs


Springs are everywhere: from ballpoint pens to the space station. To manufacture them, precise specifications are needed. The calculation of the dimensions and properties of spring elements is therefore of great importance, especially when it comes to precision mechanics.

CGR International operates its own research laboratory called STRAIN (Spring Technology ReseArch Institute). It has been set up in close cooperation with the Clement Ader Institute (CAI) and the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in Toulouse (France). CGR’s STRAIN lab thus provides access to the highest level of academic resources.

The researchers from CGR’s STRAIN laboratory have published a new method for calculating spring dimensions in the scientific magazine “Wire Forming Technology International”. The work based on numerical models and physical experiments has led to a new formula for determining the solid heights of closed-ends, unground compression springs. The new formula improves existing knowledge and will help mechanical engineers to enhance the accuracy of spring designs for precision mechanics.

Please contact ManuelParedes or Hervé Orcière for further information on ongoing research at STRAIN.

You can access the paper (pages 44-47) via this link.

For further information about Strain, please visit this link.

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