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19 February 2024
CGR Internatonal Springtelligence
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3 April 2024
CGR Poland - Częstochowa

CGR Poland increases production capacity


CGR Poland extends its available manufacturing floor space by a further 30% to 8,800 m2. The new industrial building, raised next to CGR’s existing factory, adds 2,200 m2 of high-quality workspace to CGR Polska, a wholly owned subsidiary of CGR International.

The production site specialises in the cold forming of tubes and wires, mainly for the thriving automotive industry in Central Europe. While the existing factory will continue to produce wire frames, armrests and safety cables, the new hall will mainly accommodate the production lines for wire springs and roll-up cassettes.

"We are proud of our role as a major supplier to the Central European automotive industry. This new investment will enable us to meet the growing demand from our customers in the region and beyond. As a centre of excellence within CGR's international organisation, we are committed to quality and reliability and will continue to drive growth through co-engineering of advanced components," said Mariusz Nowicki, General Manager of CGR Poland.

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