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CGR poland increases production capacity
19 February 2024
A new production line for cgr in brasil
A new production line for CGR in Brazil
11 April 2024
CGR Internatonal Springtelligence

Springtelligence: Learning about springs


CGR announces the worldwide launch of Springtelligence. The knowledge base has been developed by engineers at CGR's UK subsidiary, JB-Springs. It consists of a series of video tutorials covering a wide range of technical aspects related to wire spring design and manufacturing.

“The design and manufacture of springs touches every aspect of mechanical engineering. Many innovations in the automotive, aerospace, agricultural and medical industries, and more generally in our everyday lives, would not have been possible without springs. Yet very little time is devoted to spring engineering in our education systems. Springtelligence is an educational tool designed to provide learning material in an easily accessible format," said David Whitfield, Sales Director at CGR JB-Springs.

Springtelligence, along with CGR's STRAIN spring research and development laboratory, is an example of CGR's commitment to educate by sharing knowledge, in line with our maxim 'form your world'.

Have a look at Springtelligence here.

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