CGR Saint-Yorre

Tube forming, wire forming and automated assembly

Founded in 1964, CGR Saint-Yorre specializes in the cold forming of tubes and wires (round wires and flat wires made of mild steel and hard steel). We produce spiral springs, torsion bars, windscreen wiper arms, exhaust hooks, seat covers, as well as sub-assemblies that can integrate metal and plastic using MAG welding, electric welding and automated assembly technologies.

The factory has been recently modernized and employs 90 people. CGR Saint-Yorre is a long-standing partner of tier 1 suppliers serving the automotive industry. Please contact us for more information.


Benoit Gaudron

Expert Flat Wires
T +33 6 07 13 55 13

Teddy Lefevre

Expert Tubes
T +33 6 30 85 17 55

Mylène Meusnier

Expert Round Wires
T +33 6 30 00 17 94

Yves Montarlot

Expert New Products
T +33 4 70 59 00 74

Tube forming

Wire forming

Wire springs


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